Undoubtedly, Bali Swing is one of the top 3 most wanted photos of Bali. Being neither 6 Flags nor the most adrenaline-filled person at the amusement park, I can say that it's not just a dry photo, it's both a little scary and a super fun experience. Don't go back without trying. Bali swing first appeared in Ubud. Exit is that exit. Thanks to the intense interest, "Bali swingers" have sprung up all over Bali. They have spread like mushrooms, especially on the Tegalalang Rice terraces in Ubud. Places to Visit in Ubud – Click for 20 Things Not to Miss. Now we will share the information to help you choose which one to go, because although the swing itself is more or less the same, its view, price, location and what is included in the package (transfer, meal, other swings, etc.) vary. Is Bali Swing Safe? One of the most searched things on the internet on the subject is Bali swing deaths. I searched, a French man died but not while riding but pushing his child. I'v